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Year One of Focused Task

A year ago during the first COVID-19 lockdown, I started working on a small macOS menubar app called ? FocusedTask. I used Electron, React and Redux and it is open source.

Focused Task screenshot

When I work on a task, I usually need 3 things - a quick list of nested todos, a list of links related to my task, and an area to scribble notes

Last year, I was switching between a pinned note in Bear and projects in Todoist.

I'm a big fan of macOS menu bar apps and shortcuts, so I decided to combine those two and build FocusedTask.

After just 2 days of coding, I was able to start using it.

The hardest part of the app was to get a paid Apple developer account (they didn't like my Bulgarian debit card) and making the notarizing to work. ?‍♂️

I still use Bear and Todoist for other parts of my workflow.

I launched the app on Product Hunt with moderate success.

Focused Task at Product Hunt

According to my logs, currently, 29 people use the app daily, which makes me very happy ?

I got a couple of contributions to it:

  • UI/UX improvements from Vestimir
  • Dark theme, settings, and more shortcuts from TJHdev

I have given a couple of talks about the code structure of Focused Task


I don't have any grandiose plans for FocusedTask. It is just a small tool I built for myself. I learned a lot while making it.

I'm very happy that other people use it too.

It is a win in my book. ?

You can download it from ? here or check its source.

For any questions or comments, you can ping me on Twitter.