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20+ Books Developers Should Read ?

In 2018 I completed 59 books (my target was 50). ? During my yearly retrospective, I noticed I had only finished 7 programming books. Those were only 12% of my total reads. For 2019, I want to improve this ratio. My goals are still to read about 50 books. ?

I don't want just to read a book on a hot(random) tool/framework/whatever. Because most probably I won't need that, or it will disappear or change in a year. So, I sat down and compiled a list of evergreen classics which focus on programming as a craft and not on a particular tool.

Here is the list in no particular order (I had read some of the books):

Coding & software architecture


Automated testing is an essential skill. In my experience, most issues during testing come because developers don't know how to test a particular functionality.


Programming is not only about programming languages. Often our database choices are the hardest to change, and we have the least amount of information when we are making database design decisions.


Every good developer should know things like process, usability and so...

You can notice a lot of books are focused on OOP. We all know that Functional programming is taking over. But I still all books in this list are valuable. Also, I'm still searching for similar books in Function Programming world.

Also, I don't know which are the evergreen books on "Cloud," Microservices," "machine learning" and "data analysis."

If you have any suggestions for books, I'm missing tweet at @rstankov. ?