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<React.NotAConf /> Recap

The conference was a month ago. It went quite well. Every time I think about it - I get a big smile. ?

Our team (me, Janet and Vlado) was quite busy in May. All of us are doing a lot of other things. But we are already thinking for the next not-a-thing event. ?

<React.NotAConf /> was opened by Janet Todorova.

In the first talk of the day Martin Chaov talked about Integrating React Into Legacy Projects (slides).

Then, I gave my My secret talk - ??!? (slides). The funny story around it was, that even my co-organizers didn't know what my talk was going to be. ?

Third talk was from Carolyn Stransky about Humanizing Your Documentation - (slides). The talk made me think about how I document projects and communicate.

After that, I finally got how Sagas can be useful Rebecca Hill's Structuring Your App’s Story With Sagas and Selectors

After the lunch break, Vladimir Tasev talked Reactive Blockchain - he gave a history of Blockchain technology.

Jan Monschke talked about Garbage Collection in Modern Web Applications
(slides). When we have redux stores, they often accumulate data, and we rarely clean them up. The solution to this problem is quite interesting, and it is something I often had thought about.

The following talk Designing with React - YouTube(slides) from Kristin Baumann, gave me great ideas how to bridge the gap between designers and developer and keep the consistency of an application. Having a single source of design style-guide truth which translates from Sketch to React and vice-versa.

Then, Vladimir Vladimirov talked about Rebuilding Product Hunt Mobile with React Native (slides). He told the story of how Product Hunt moved its mobile app to React.Native and how he structured the project (was also throwing a lot of kinder suprises ? to the audience ?).

The final part of the conference was a panel discussion lead by Krasimir Tsonev .

After each talk me and Krasi , had a panel QA with the speaker. This was all packed in an episode of NADCAST podcast (mp3) ?.

The closing was unprepared and improvised.

Photos from the event can be found here ? and recording of all talks are here ?.

I want to thank everybody who was part of the event from the speakers, partners to attendees. ?

Cya ?

p.s. Follow @ReactNotAConf for more updates, something cool is in the pipeline ?