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Announcing <React.NotAConf />

More than a year ago, I started organizing React.Sofia meetup. Now is time to grow up. So I'm happy to announce that me, Janet Todorova and Vladimir Tassev are organizing the first React focused conference in Bulgaria - <React.NotAConf /> (and maybe in the Balkans, but I'm not sure about that). ?

<React.NotAConf /> will be held 28th April at The Generator.
It is free to attend.

The name <React.NotAConf /> was the placeholder name, since I like to under-promise and over-deliver. But it kinda stuck. Also this year the conference is 'NotAConf,' next year - it's 'HalfAConf,' followed by 'TwoThirdsOfAConf, - 'FullConf' and eventually ... QuadraConf! ?⚡️

So far we have lined up a great line of speakers:

The topic of the conference is React best practices and how to use React in interesting contexts like React.Native and React in Sketch. After each talk, there will be 10-15 panel between the speaker and the other speakers to discuss the talk.

We have other funky ideas like the stickers will be <NotASticker />. Krasimir Tsonev will record a live NADCast. There are some other cool ideas, but under-promise and over-deliver.

So if you want to learn more visit the conference website, Facebook event, follow us on Twitter or save a spot on Eventbrite.