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Product Hunt Architecture

Last year we very eventful for Product Hunt. On technical level we closed large system migrations like fully switch to Next.js for frontend, moved to TypeScript and rewrote our mobile app with React.Native.

Here is how our technical architecture looks currently:

Product Hunt Architecture

I have given detail talks about each section of our systems.

  • Backend - Rails, GraphQL, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL (slides , video)
  • Frontend - React, TypeScript, Next.js, Apollo (slides , video)
  • Mobile - React Native, TypeScript, Apollo (slides, video)

Here is what a web request goes through to deliver a page from the site:

Web request flow chart

Overall, I'm very happy with our current system. It allows us to handle our traffic and ship fast and reliable.

Whats comes next?

Software is never done and this is true for us. We already had started improving on our foundations like:

  • better core React components
  • kinda, moving towards Domain Driven Design.
  • improving on backend infrastructure for better performance and monitoring

For any questions or comments, you can ping me on Twitter.